The easiest and fastest way to bring your personal website online

When you make it easy for people to build great websites, they actually do. Sleek.page is all about building your personal website the easiest way possible.

What is Sleek.page?

Build sleek websites in minutes. Sleek.page is the most simple and fastest website builder out there made with modern web technologies. Just choose one of the ready to use themes, customize colors and fonts to fit your personal brand style. Fill it with your content, embed rich media like images, video, polls, slideshows, music, live video, forms or gifs. That' s it for your modern personal website.

Sleek.page lets you build personal one and multi-page sites for pretty much anything, whether it's a personal profile, cv page, blog, link tree or portfolio. It's simple to get started, build with modern technologies, of course responsive, and totally free. Sleek.page enables you to control your personal brand, get hired, create your portfolio and find new customers.

What makes it different?

There are many players in this market and a lot of them do a great job so you are wondering what makes Sleek.page different from all the other website builders? It's pretty simple: Sleek.page's mission is to provide the most simple way to build a sleek personal website with modern technologies just with a few clicks. Most website builders have tons of different options that cause you headaches and the others are quick and simple to set up but more restrictive in a way to create and visualize content. Everything at sleek.page is fucused on simplicity - without making any concessions. It's straightforward, choose a theme, customize it to fit your brand and fill it with your content and you're done 🎉

Personal Branding?!

One of the most important brands you can focus on to support your product or your career is yourself and a personal website helps you to achieve that goal. It empowers you to direct people in the right direction and tell them your story, who you are, what you stand for and how you help people.

Who made Sleek.page?

There is no big company running this site, just me - a guy from germany who loves to build things for the www - coding everything from the API, to the frontend, to the themes. I wanted to provide a service that changes how you build and run personal websites for nearly all needs. So I sat down with a lot of ☕️ and started coding this site.
- Marco

Sleek.page is getting better every day, based on your feedback

Below you find some live development statistics. Since the first line of code in August 2018, Sleek.page has been continuously developed. Sleek.page itself and all themes were build on top of the JAMstack with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the frontend and PHP for the API. Most of the site is written in plain simple code by me without any frameworks.
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