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website builder. Ever.

It has never been so easy to build your personal website, blog or portfolio.

Get a sleek website without a line of code makes it incredibly easy and fast for you to create a personal landing page. No website builder with infinite settings that cause you headaches, just a few options to make it fit your personal branding. Start with a theme you like, change colors, backgrounds and fill it with some content, that's it. It couldn't be easier!

Pretty fast - totally simple

You won't find a website builder that's even simpler.

Personal landing page

Built for your followers, customers or your new employer.

Custom domain + SSL

You can use your own domain or register a new one.

Ready to use themes

Choose a theme an get started. New ones will be added regularly.


Makes it simple to guide users towards your goal conversion.


Check your website vists, where they come from and where they go.

Third-Party integrations

It's simple to add third-party snippets to your website.

Embed almost everything

Embed content from other services like Youtube, Viemo, Instagram...


Customize your theme. Change colors, fonts and backgrounds.

Fully responsive

You can be sure that your website looks great, no matter which device you use. The design automatically adapts to all screen sizes by default, from phones to tablets to desktops.

Made for everyone's needs

No matter what you want to use your website for. You can show your work with your portfolio and inspire your customers, make a CV for your next job offer or build a landing page for your social media channels. You will certainly find the right theme for every use case.

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Totally free

You don't have to pay anything - no hidden costs! Build your sleek website without any charges even with your own domain. If you are excited about your, we offer you a pro subscription, which allows you to access analytics data, remove branding or customize your theme a little more. No signup required